HomeSprout was looking to buy my mothers home that was for sale. Through their conversation at her house my mother informed them that she was moving in with me… They asked mother if he could possibly speak with me about the possibility of buying my house as well as her home. Mother called me and I walked over. Immediately, it was obvious Fred was a good person. He was not pushy and had been very kind to my mom prior to me arriving…We walked over to my house. Within a hour we had a purchase agreement signed (cash) and a security deposit in hand… . It’s been a year now and I am still certain HomeSprout gave us a very fair deal. They were very flexible on our closing needs as we had to find our next home before moving out.
George J. Russell
Fountain Square Property Owner
We buy houses in fountain square as you can see from our happy customer George
Fred and Marc carry a code of ethics that seems lost in our industry. I have had the privilege of working directly with both and can attest to their integrity and professionalism. I have witnessed their true and genuine care towards sellers and buyers; always flexible and accommodating. They are cash buyer’s and their closings are efficient and hassle-free…
Dustin S. Haviland
Co-Founder, Investors Title Service, Inc.
I saw HomeSprout renovating a duplex behind my multi-unit home and was impressed with what they were doing. I approached them and let them know I would likely be looking to sell my property in the near future. They were interested in talking about my property and came back and left me their contact information. I told them I was not going to sell immediately and that I would call them when I was ready to talk... The most impressive part is I saw them often at the other property and they were always friendly but in no way pushy about my property. Some months later, I reached out to them and told them that I was ready to talk. HomeSprout came over the next day and we had a signed contract in place within a couple of days. I had multiple other companies who were rude and impersonal call and mail, trying to pressure me repeatedly into selling my property. HomeSprout was different. They allowed me to take the lead with what my needs were. They were honest with what they could offer me and were willing to show me the information they used to gather what the thought was a fair deal. We negotiated a very fair deal and we closed the property quickly with no hang ups. HomeSprout even met my needs of remaining in one unit until I could find a new home without any pressure at all. HomeSprout let me store my belongings in the garage until I could get help to get everything moved over. They even tried to help me find a new place to live. They were flexible and caring throughout the entire process. If you are looking to sell your house and be treated fairly, I would highly recommend them.
Rose Pawlowski
Greenwood Property Owner